Bib & Sola Glassware Social Set

Bib & Sola Glassware Social Set

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Our friends at Bib&Sola create incredible contemporary and stylish glassware that offers a conscious alternative to plastic. Water is precious for your body and the earth so take the time to nourish yourself and decant your water from an elegant and artistic hand blown vessel. 

Each set is hand blown to create these collectibles.

The design is achieved through the movement of color blown into the glass, a technique that is fiendishly difficult to achieve let alone master. Each piece is truly unique.

The MARTA Social Set is offered here in RED.

Set comes with 1 carafe, 6 matching glasses.

Dimensions – Carafe: 31 x 11cm. Glass: 10 x 8cm.

Weight – Carafe: 500grams. Glass: 200 grams. Full Set: 1.7 Kg.

Volume – Carafe: 1.2 L (4 – 5 drinking glasses). Glass: 250ml